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2014 Supplement to Historic Environment 2014 Supplement to Historic Environment Law: Planning, Listed Buildings, Monuments, Conservation Areas and Objects
Harwood, Richard; Institute of Art and Law
€ 30,46   (Prezzo di copertina € 31,08  )
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Annotated Construction Law GlossaryThe Annotated Construction Law Glossary
American Bar Association
€ 56,75   (Prezzo di copertina € 65,99  )
Metti nel carrello
Building Regulations in BriefBuilding Regulations in Brief
Tricker, Ray; Alford, Samantha; Routledge
€ 35,78   (Prezzo di copertina € 42,09  )
Metti nel carrello
Commercial Mediator's HandbookThe Commercial Mediator's Handbook
Chern, Cyril; Taylor & Francis Ltd
€ 150,00   (Prezzo di copertina € 157,89  )
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Construction Contracts Book: How to FindThe Construction Contracts Book: How to Find Common Ground in Negotiating Design and Construction Clauses
Brennan, Daniel S.; Hanahan, Michael J.; Nielsen, Jennifer A.; American Bar Association
€ 130,94   (Prezzo di copertina € 154,05  )
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Construction Dispute Research: ConceptuaConstruction Dispute Research: Conceptualisation, Avoidance and Resolution
€ 89,83   (Prezzo di copertina € 105,68  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction Insurance: A Guide for AttoConstruction Insurance: A Guide for Attorneys and Other Professionals
Palley, Stephen D.; Delahunt, Timothy E.; Sandberg, John S.; American Bar Association
€ 110,70   (Prezzo di copertina € 130,24  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction LawConstruction Law
American Bar Association
€ 134,35   (Prezzo di copertina € 158,06  )
Metti nel carrello
Federal Government Construction ContractFederal Government Construction Contracts
Branca, Michael A.; Silberman, Aaron P.; Vento, John S.; American Bar Association
€ 137,69   (Prezzo di copertina € 161,99  )
Metti nel carrello
Infrastructure from the Ground Up: CivilInfrastructure from the Ground Up: Civil Engineering Works for Lawyers
Beltzer, Buck S.; Gerhardt, Bruce R.; Kubes, Kristine A.; American Bar Association
€ 117,45   (Prezzo di copertina € 138,18  )
Metti nel carrello
International Construction Law: A Guide International Construction Law: A Guide for Cross-Border Transactions and Legal Disputes
American Bar Association
€ 132,48   (Prezzo di copertina € 154,05  )
Metti nel carrello
Justin Sweet: An Anthology of ConstructiJustin Sweet: An Anthology of Construction Law Writings
Sweet, Justin; American Bar Association
€ 84,74   (Prezzo di copertina € 98,54  )
Metti nel carrello
Practical Boundary Surveying: Legal and Practical Boundary Surveying: Legal and Technical Principles
Gay, Paul; Springer
€ 83,08   (Prezzo di copertina € 97,74  )
Metti nel carrello
Wilmot-Smith on Construction ContractsWilmot-Smith on Construction Contracts
Wilmot-Smith Qc, Richard; Oxford University Press, USA
€ 354,60   (Prezzo di copertina € 361,84  )
Metti nel carrello


Adjudication: Practice, Procedure and LaAdjudication: Practice, Procedure and Law
Jones, Richard; Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
€ 251,44   (Prezzo di copertina € 256,57  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction and Infrastructure DisputesConstruction and Infrastructure Disputes
Globe Business Publishing
€ 148,02   (Prezzo di copertina € 164,47  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction ClaimsConstruction Claims
Durham, Helen; Federation Press
€ 58,73   (Prezzo di copertina € 63,15  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction Insurance and UK ConstructiConstruction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts
Levine, Marshall; Ter Haar, Roger; Wood, Jeremy; Informa Medical
€ 392,13   (Prezzo di copertina € 400,13  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction LawConstruction Law
Uff, John; Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
€ 37,87   (Prezzo di copertina € 40,72  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction Supervisor Cal/OSHA CompliaConstruction Supervisor Cal/OSHA Compliance Guide
Leuck, Mike; River Sanctuary Publishing
€ 24,52   (Prezzo di copertina € 28,85  )
Metti nel carrello
Eglr 2012 SetEglr 2012 Set
Estates Gazette
€ 395,82   (Prezzo di copertina € 408,06  )
Metti nel carrello
Florida Construction Law 2013 CumulativeFlorida Construction Law 2013 Cumulative Supplement
Siegfried, Steven; Aspen Publishers
€ 164,71   (Prezzo di copertina € 193,78  )
Metti nel carrello
Guide to the Building RegulationsGuide to the Building Regulations
Evans, Huw; RIBA Publishing
€ 36,70   (Prezzo di copertina € 39,46  )
Metti nel carrello
Hudson's Building and Engineering ContraHudson's Building and Engineering Contracts
Chambers, Atkin; Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
€ 135,39   (Prezzo di copertina € 138,15  )
Metti nel carrello
Intersections of Law and CultureIntersections of Law and Culture
Palgrave MacMillan
€ 48,95   (Prezzo di copertina € 52,63  )
Metti nel carrello
Keating on Construction ContractsKeating on Construction Contracts
Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
€ 122,50   (Prezzo di copertina € 125,00  )
Metti nel carrello
Keating on Construction ContractsKeating on Construction Contracts
Ramsey, The Hon Sir Vivian; Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
€ 727,26   (Prezzo di copertina € 742,10  )
Metti nel carrello
NEC3 Supply Contract Guidance NotesNEC3 Supply Contract Guidance Notes
NEC; ICE Publishing
€ 35,13   (Prezzo di copertina € 39,47  )
Metti nel carrello
NEC3 Term Service Short Contract (TSSC)NEC3 Term Service Short Contract (TSSC)
NEC; ICE Publishing
€ 29,27   (Prezzo di copertina € 32,89  )
Metti nel carrello


Construction Adjudication and Payments HConstruction Adjudication and Payments Handbook
Rawley, Dominique; Williams, Kate; Martinez, Merissa; Oxford University Press (UK)
€ 83,76   (Prezzo di copertina € 98,54  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction Law & PracticeConstruction Law & Practice
Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
€ 270,78   (Prezzo di copertina € 276,31  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction Law and ManagementConstruction Law and Management
Pickavance, Keith, Llb; Informa Medical
€ 166,53   (Prezzo di copertina € 169,93  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction Law: An Introduction for EnConstruction Law: An Introduction for Engineers, Architects, and Contractors
Kelley, Gail S.; R.S. Means Company
€ 91,73   (Prezzo di copertina € 94,57  )
Metti nel carrello
Dictionary of Construction TermsDictionary of Construction Terms
Fenwick Elliott; Elliott, Fenwick; Tolson, Simon; Informa Medical
€ 119,86   (Prezzo di copertina € 122,31  )
Metti nel carrello
Eglr 2011 SetEglr 2011 Set
Estates Gazette
€ 415,06   (Prezzo di copertina € 427,90  )
Metti nel carrello
Keating on NEC3Keating on NEC3
Thomas, David; Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
€ 277,23   (Prezzo di copertina € 282,89  )
Metti nel carrello
Paper Contracting: The How-To of ConstruPaper Contracting: The How-To of Construction Management Contracting
Mitchell, William D.; Moselle, Gary W.; Craftsman Book Company
€ 38,94   (Prezzo di copertina € 45,81  )
Metti nel carrello
Understanding the Fidic Red BookUnderstanding the Fidic Red Book
Hughes, Simon, QC; Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
€ 380,39   (Prezzo di copertina € 388,15  )
Metti nel carrello


Complete Works of JCT 2011 for AcademicsThe Complete Works of JCT 2011 for Academics
Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
€ 1.539,63   (Prezzo di copertina € 1.571,05  )
Metti nel carrello
Constitution, Jefferson's Manual, and RuConstitution, Jefferson's Manual, and Rules of the House of Representatives of the United States, One Hundred Twelvth Congress
United States House of Representatives
€ 154,59   (Prezzo di copertina € 181,87  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction Claims & Responses: EffectiConstruction Claims & Responses: Effective Writing & Presentation
Hewitt, Andy; John Wiley & Sons
€ 64,37   (Prezzo di copertina € 67,76  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction Contract ClaimsConstruction Contract Claims
Wright, Mark; Palgrave Macmillan
€ 67,48   (Prezzo di copertina € 71,03  )
Metti nel carrello
Construction Law Three Volume SetConstruction Law Three Volume Set
Bailey, Julian; Informa Medical
€ 520,46   (Prezzo di copertina € 531,08  )
Metti nel carrello
Contractor's Guide to the FIDIC ConditioA Contractor's Guide to the FIDIC Conditions of Contract [With Free Web Access]
Robinson, Michael D.; John Wiley & Sons
€ 69,14   (Prezzo di copertina € 74,34  )
Metti nel carrello
Coulson on Construction AdjudicationCoulson on Construction Adjudication
Coulson, Peter; OUP UK
€ 353,23   (Prezzo di copertina € 360,44  )
Metti nel carrello
EPC Contracts and Major ProjectsA EPC Contracts and Major Projects
Cocker, Dan; Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
€ 335,52  
Metti nel carrello
Green Buildings and the LawGreen Buildings and the Law
€ 97,25   (Prezzo di copertina € 114,41  )
Metti nel carrello
Handbook on the Construction and InterprHandbook on the Construction and Interpretation of the Law
Black, Henry Campbell; Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
€ 53,79   (Prezzo di copertina € 54,89  )
Metti nel carrello
Handbook on the Construction and InterprHandbook on the Construction and Interpretation of the Laws
Black, Henry Campbell; Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
€ 42,08   (Prezzo di copertina € 42,94  )
Metti nel carrello
Hudson's Building and Engineering ContraHudson's Building and Engineering Contracts
Chambers, Atkin; Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
€ 722,10   (Prezzo di copertina € 736,84  )
Metti nel carrello

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