Alabama Clam Slamming!

Alabama Clam Slamming!

Lady Devreux

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Editore: Lady Devreux
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Alice and her husband are just trying to get home from holiday, when a rain storm waylays them in Alabama. Despite Alice's misgivings, Clark accepts a ride to Atlanta with a local couple- with a wife that wants more than friendly conversation! What happens at an Alabama rest stop, stays in Alabama!
Coming out of the stall, I found that Velma was waiting for me. She had not used the bathroom herself, so I was a little surprised.
“You didn’t have to accompany me,” I said, smiling at her- in the bright light, I could now see her features clearly, from her eyes to the fact that her own camo outfit was also wet with the rain, “I think I could have made it…”
“I know that,” Velma said, her blue eyes looking into my own, “Can I ask you something?”
“Of course,” I said, as I washed my hands in the sink, “Wot?”
“What do you think of this?” she said.
She stepped forward, behind me, and before I could react- my hands were literally still under the flowing water of the sink- her arms reached round my middle. I felt the wetness of her clothing against me, as her face pressed into my own. I turned round, only to have her press her lips into mine, and give me a firmly solid lesbian kiss!
I had known all along something was not quite what it seemed, ever since we had engaged her husband in conversation- I had first expected to be robbed, and then conned possibly- but I was not expecting this, of all things!
Yet, as her full lips pressed into my own, my reaction was natural and not one of forethought. I opened my own mouth, and my eyes closed, as her tongue probed into my mouth.
I am kissing another woman.
She tasted faintly of bittersweet candy- possibly licorice- but as her tongue made it’s way round the inside of my mouth, my thoughts went far away. She was being the aggressor, the man if you want to call it that, and I was like putty in her small hands. I kissed her back, our tongues playing tag inside the confines of our mouths, as I felt her hands pawing at my sides. She was not just kissing me, she was feeling me up, her palms now grabbing the underside of my cotton clad breasts.
Wot am I doing, Alice- I can’t do this!
“Stop,” I said, breaking our lip lock- no matter how good it felt, to feel a new set of lips on my own, I am a married woman!
Velma looked at me, and she simply smiled- her mouth moved away from mine, in response to my protest, but her hands refused to release my beacons. They were still clutching at them, pawing them, wanting to remove them from the thin veil that separated her palms from their bare flesh.
“No,” Velma said, and her mouth then reached forward, and kissed me on the soft flesh of my neck.
Erogenous zones are to be found in the usual locations- round the groin area in both males and females, or the arse- but they are also found in other spots as well. I cannot speak for what others are turned on by, but I can say that the soonest way to elicit a physical response is to kiss my neck. As her soft lips gently planted kisses down the length of my neck, I felt heat beginning to rise from the spot between my thighs.
I really cannot do this!
“I am married,” I said, even though I made no effort to remove her hands or mouth from the parts of my body that they were touching, “I can’t-”
“So what?” Velma said, removing her mouth from my neck.
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