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Angela's Answer

Lady Devreux

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Editore: Lady Devreux
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Angela gets a call from the school- her son was caught messing around with another boy. When she confronts him, she realizes that her son might be gay- but this Italian American mom has the answer to that!
“So is that all you want a girlfriend for?” I said, to my son, “For sex?”
“Yes,”Bobby said, “I mean, I don’t know even what I want to do after school, so I don’t want to get stuck here because of some girl.”
“What about you, Ryan?” I asked.
“I agree,” Ryan said, “I know where I am going as soon as school is over- California.”
I looked at the two boys, and I considered how I could help them overcome this.
I was now convinced that they really weren’t gay, and were simply friends who were trying to help each other physically through the last year of high school.
My son and Ryan were legally adults, but they were high school seniors. They had one foot in the adult world, but despite the fact that they could both vote and go to prison, no adult would really seen them as the same as an eighteen year old who was on his own or in college. If my son had been born a month earlier, he would have already been done with school, but since fate had pushed him out of my body when it had, now he had to be stuck in this social limbo for the next seven months.
They did need to get laid, though- the longer they continued their arrangement, the more normal it would become to them. People are creatures of habit, this is why if you do something three times, you are likely to keep doing this. Maybe Ryan would go to California in the spring, and my son to college somewhere else, but if they were used to sucking cock, then there was a good chance they would become full on gay.
And I want grandchildren, not little dogs in bonnets and baby carriages!
“What kind of woman would you like to fuck?” I asked- I was being blunt with Bobby, but since he was an adult and he wanted to act like one, then he should be treated like one, “If you had to pick?”
“Why do you want to know, mom?” Bobby asked, suspicious.
“I just do,” I said, “Since you said you aren’t gay, and that you just do this because there is no girls who want you, then you should be able to tell me what kind of girls you think are hot, right?”
“I like older women,” Bobby said, slowly.
If my son could not talk a girl his age into giving him the time of day, he would have no luck with an older woman. Yes, there are lots of cougars now, but the difference between men and women who date younger, is that most women do not want to feel like they are dealing with a child mentally. They may want a guy who looks like a fresh hatched chick, but they still want the guy to know the basics of both sex and relationships. This is what kept a lot of women, myself included, from jumping into bed with eighteen year olds. The youngest I had went with was twenty six, and he was way too immature for a second time, even if he was a pretty boy.
“What about you, Ryan?” I asked, knowing that I had to deal with the other part of this equation, “If you had to choose a woman, who would you pick?”
“Someone short, about forty, maybe fifty,” Ryan said, looking me directly in the eyes, “Nobody fat, someone with brown or black hair.”
You would fuck me, wouldn’t you?
I considered what I was thinking for a long moment, and then I decided that there was only one answer to this problem.
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