Ayreon. The Theater Equation

Interpreti: Ayreon
Anno: 2016
Supporto: Blu-ray

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L'acclamato album "The Human Equation" prende vita in un epico musical dal vivo, con protagonista alla voce James Labrie (Dream Theater) , quasi tutti i cantanti originali ed un epico coro rock di 19 elementi. Tracklist Live in Rotterdam in September 2015: Day one: Vigil; Day two: Isolation; Day three: Pain; Day four: Mystery; Day five: Voices; Reprise Pain 1; Day six: Childhood; Day seven: Hope; Day eight: School; Reprise Childhood; Day nine: Playground; Day ten: Memories; Reprise Pain 2; Day eleven: Love; Day twelve: Trauma; Day thirteen: Sign; Day fourteen: Pride; Reprise Vigil; Day fifteen: Betrayal; Reprise School; Day sixteen: Loser; Day seventeen: Accident?; Reprise Pain3; Day eighteen: Realization; Reprise Trauma; Day nineteen: Disclosure; Day twenty: Confrontation; Dream Sequencer System Offline; Try-Out Show; The Theater Equation Trailer. Behind The Scenes: Introduction; Casting; The Epic Rock Choir; The Band; Band Rehearsals; The Understudies; Cast Rehearsals; 5 Days To Go; Opening Night; Emotions: I Remember; Curtain Calls.

  • Produzione: Century Media, 2016
  • Distribuzione: Sony Music
  • Durata: 180 min
  • AreaB