Blacked In The Barn!

Blacked In The Barn!

Lady Devreux

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Editore: Lady Devreux
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Linda is everything a Texas woman is supposed to be- a former cheerleader who married the star football player, she is a stay at home mom on the family's ranch. Her dirty secret is that she likes Black cock- but what will happen when her son finds this out?
Nobody wants to be the one whom is cheated on- but their is a big difference between the relationship I have with Jimmy, and the one that my son had with his wife.
The difference is twenty five years, and three children. Even if my husband did not go ballistic and do something stupid, the revelation that I had fucked two Black guys would destroy him.
This is Texas, and this is a small town, and people talk.
“Do you know what it is like to not have sex for years?” I asked my son, hoping to gain some sympathy.
“That’s the same thing that Danica said,” Bobby remarked, his face now as red as a beet, “What a fucking shocker, the woman always uses that as an excuse.”
“You act like men don’t cheat,” I said.
I couldn’t deny that I had done something wrong- but I wasn’t going to be bashed for being a woman, or let all women be bashed either!
“I never did,” Bobby said, “That’s because I had a wife back home.”
“You couldn’t have cheated over there, anyway,” I said, “Moslem countries don’t exactly-”
“Now you are going to tell me about Iraq?” Bobby said, pure venom in his tone, “Look, mom, if I wanted to, I could have fucked a female soldier- and yes, there are prostitutes there, too, even if people think that there isn’t!”
There might be prostitutes, but how often do you see a woman that looks like me, your mother, in the Middle East?
“I haven’t had sex in over two years,” Bobby said, “That was the last time I saw her, before the last time they sent me to the sandbox. And I am a twenty five year old man!”
“So because I am a forty nine year old woman, you think I want sex any less than you do?” I laughed, “Maybe your father can’t get it up anymore, but I need sex. And I need more than a political rant every morning.”
Bobby paused again- in our argument, he had lost his train of thought, so I took the initiative.
“Look, I like fucking Black guys, okay?” I said, with finality, “I don’t have to explain that to you. Now, if you ain’t got nothing more to say, then this conversation is over.”
“No, it’s not over, mom,” Bobby said, a sudden gleam in his eye- the same gleam I had seen in the eyes of T-Bone, “You like fucking Black guys- well, let’s put it all out then, let’s say what we really want. You say you ain’t been fucked in years, that’s why you want to cheat. I know what it is- you think that Black guys have bigger dicks, and you think that if you are going to be a cheater, than you might as well do it up, right?”
It’s hard for a mother to lie to her son- just as it is hard for a son to lie to his mother!
“Well fine,” Bobby said, “Maybe I can’t convince you to stop being a slut! But I can tell you what- if you like big dicks, and you get off to taboo, then why don’t you come here and suck this cock?”
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