Cheating With His Ex!

Cheating With His Ex!

Lady Devreux

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Editore: Lady Devreux
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Daria is a tall, athletic woman, who used to play sports and girls in college. Happily married, she had put this in the past- until she met her new daughter in law, and old passions came out one night when he was away. Christina has taken some time to think, but Daria can't just let her go. What happens when her son discovers the truth- that his mother is sleeping with his ex?
“It just happened,” I said, carefully, “Tot, I am sorry.”
“No, you are not sorry!” Aristotle said, “If you were, you wouldn’t have driven all the way here to do this. So, is this why you left, Christina- so you could keep fucking my mother?”
“It’s not like that,” Christina said, making no effort to cover herself, “I love you.”
“If you loved me, then what the fuck?” Aristotle said- the door to the hallway was still open, and while this was bad enough, I could only imagine what some other guest would think.
“If you really want to know,” I said, “Then close the door.”
“So explain it,” my son said, looking at me- staring at me as he talked.
He is looking at your body, Daria.
I blushed- I was indeed almost naked in front of my son, and I felt like this was too much of a line to cross. A mother should never be naked in front of her child, especially her adult son, and I reached down wards to grab my clothing from the grey hotel room floor.
“Leave it,” Aristotle said, “I see it all already, mom- so, explain it, then!”
Even though my son is in the military, and he is an adult, I was not used to him giving me any orders whatsoever. This went against the relationship between us, but so did the fact that I was sleeping with his wife.
“Okay,” I said, crossing my arms over my nipples- he could still see the rest of me, but I could not help but do my best to cover up, “Fine. Christina was going through some confusion, and well, we started talking, and it just happened. I never planned on it, but sometimes things in life are not planned.”
“How long have you been into women?” Aristotle asked me.
Nudity will make anyone look, but his natural curiosity should have been slaked by now. No, he kept staring, from my face down wards, as if he had never seen a naked woman before.
Once, right before my son had left home, I swore he had walked in on me in the shower on purpose. I had grabbed the curtain and wrapped it around myself just in the nick of time, otherwise he would have seen everything I have to offer. Back then, he had apologized, and even though his words sounded fake, I had accepted it. No mother wants to admit that her son is looking at her in a sexual way, and sometimes it is easy to pretend than it is to admit the truth.
“I was, before I met your father,” I confessed, “That is something I have never even told him.”
“Why not?” Aristotle asked, “He ain’t no prude.”
“No, but a man thinks that women having sex with women is all about them,” I said, “It isn’t, it is about women being free to express themselves.”
“So you turned out my wife, mom?” Aristotle said, “Because you wanted to have sex with a woman, and she was the closest thing available?”
That wasn’t really what had happened, but I was going to take the blame.
“Yes,” I lied, “I am sorry.”
“And you enjoy this, Christina?” Aristotle said, “Really?”
“Yes,” my daughter in law said, “I am sorry.”
“Fine,” Aristotle said, “You want to sleep with my wife, mom- well, then you have to sleep with me.”
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