Demented Are Go. Holy Hack Jack

Interpreti: Demented Are Go
Anno: 2006
Supporto: DVD
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Tracklist (12th Psychobilly Meeting Calella spain 9/7/04): Blood Beach; Call Of The Wired; Sickness Of Truth; Daddies Making Monsters; One Sharp Knife; Where You Gonna Go?; Demon Skatin'; Country Woman; Cast Iron Arm; Love Seeps Like A Festering Sore; Out Of Control; Pvc Chair; Hellbilly Storm; Queen Of Disease; Pervy In The Park; Destruction Boy; Satans Rejects; Holy Hack Jack; Wanna Be Your Slave; Straightjacket. Tracklist (Princess Charlotte Leicester 11/4/98): The Chase; Holy Hack Jack; Mongaloid; Blood Beach; One Sharp Knife; Where You Gonna Go?; Queen Of Disease; Zombie Stalk; Can't Sleep At Night; Sickness Of Truth; Cast Iron Arm; Red River Bloody Staircase; Brand New Corpse; Country Woman; Funnel Of Love; Clitoris Bite Boogie; Whats The Problem?; strangler in paradise. Tracklist (Morecambe Dome 25/7/98): I Wanna Kill; Stake In The Heart.
  • Produzione: Cherry Red, 2006
  • Distribuzione: Goodfellas
  • Durata: 122 min
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