Denise: The Cheating Wives Diaries, Book Four

Lady Devreux

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Denise is a first generation American who moved to Colorado for college, and ended up marrying an older, successful Mormon husband. A survey crew knows exactly how to take a test sample from this bored young wife!
The pump house was a relic of a time before this home had been built, but the original owner apparently had decided that it was still a good idea to have a way to cut the water off outside of the building. Glenn had explained it to me once- in Colorado, which gets cold (even if it is nothing like the stories about Russia I had heard growing up), pipes tend to freeze. If the pipes burst, it is convenient to be able to cut off the entire water supply from outside of the building. I understood all of this logically, but right now, it was the extra straw that broke the camels back.
That and the fact that all three of them are smoking, and did Judson just toss a cigarette butt on the ground?
I don’t so much have a hot temper, as I have a temper that builds up to a crescendo. I was no longer annoyed, or even agitated- my day had been derailed, and even my bath had been cut off- I was infuriated.
Without thinking, I stormed out of the bathroom, determined that I was going to lay the law down with these men!
I am going to call their company, maybe even get them fired- how dare they just march in here like this!
I am not the only person in the area who is not happy about the oilfield activities- a lot of other people had their lives interrupted, and when you are not the one getting a fat royalty check, that makes all the difference in the world!
Muttering under my breath, I walked down the hallway, and before I could even open the front door, Judson walked through it!
“Sorry,” Judson said, “I forgot to tell you, one of the spots we have to check is right by the pump house- Ohh!”
I should have taken notice of his look of surprise- men who work with their hands, especially men that have spent a life time in such a rough social environment as the world of oil, generally are not surprised by much. The fights, and worse, that went on out in the fields were well known. When I used to wait tables, some of the cops that came in told me the horror stories of drug and drunken fueled brawls between crews.
“I was trying to take a damn bath!” I said, feeling my face turn as red as my Baba’s borscht.
“Yes, I, um-” Judson said, but I didn’t give him a chance to cut in!
“You already ruined my day,” I said, “You expect everyone to get out of your way when you show up- you forget that this is my property you are on, not the other way around!”
“Look, I-” Judson stammered.
What, does the cat have your tongue or something?
“Nothing to say about that, huh?” I said, mockingly, “No, you just march on in here, and you expect me to cater to you!”
“Lady-” Judson tried to say.
“The name is Denise Powell,” I said, “You will remember that name- because I am going to call your company, and you are in for a world of trouble!”
His employees must have heard the ruckus- both of them walked up behind him in the doorway.
Fine, they can hear it, too!
“Damn, Judson, you ain’t lying,” the one on the right said, as he flicked his cigarette out the door, “She is one hot little piece of ass!”
“How dare you-” I tried to say, but this blue eyed man was not trying to hear it.
“Don’t you worry,” he laughed, as his tanned hands unbuckled his coveralls, “I ain’t shy!”
Is he taking them off- what the hell is going on?
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