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Registrazione del concerto tenuto ad Atene, il 27 Marzo 2005. Tracklist: Prayer; Refugee's Theme; The Weeping Meadow; Dance; An Ode of Tears; For the Phrygian Land Vast Mourning; By the Sea; Depart and Eternity Theme; Rosa's Aria; Memories; Hecuba's Lament / Hecuba's Theme II; Telamon, you Came to Conquer our Town; The city that Gave Birth to you was Consumed by Fire; An Ode of Tears; Theme of the Uprooting I; The Weeping Meadow II; Voyage; Voyage to Cythera; On the Road; Parade; Return; Andromache's Theme; The land I Call Home; Home of my Forefathers; I Wish I'm Given There; Refugee's Theme; The Seagull; Song of the Lake; Adagio - Father's Theme; In Vain the Sacrifices; My beloved, your Soul is Wandering; Decision; Farewell Theme; Theme of the Lake; Hecuba's Theme II; Lament for Astyanax; Exodos; Hecuba's Theme II; The Weeping Meadow; Song of the Lake.

  • Produzione: ECM Records, 2008
  • Distribuzione: Ducale
  • Formato Schermo: 16:9
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