Insta360 One X

Insta360 One X

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Marca: Insta360
Colore: Nero
  • EAN: 6970357850570

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FlowState Stabilization
FlowState is as smooth as it gets.
Traditional action cameras are left shaking.

Best-In-Class Image Quality
Look sharp.

Invisible Selfie Stick
You. In third-person view.
Pair the ONE X with our invisible selfie stick and the stick is gone in an instant. You’ve got a flying camera without the noise.

HDR Mode
Natural lighting. In every direction.
High dynamic range shooting means your footage stays true-to-life and true-to-light.

Drift Shot
Impossible shots. Made easy.
Snap into the Drifter accessory and let your camera take flight. Airborne slow-mo from a camera that shoots in every direction at once. You've never seen angles like this before.

Control time. And perspective.
Highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo, or speed things up with a stabilized hyperlapse. All in the app.

Shoot first. Point later.
Simple. Stunning. Cinematic editing.
Reframe the best parts of your shot, and connect them with ultra-smooth camera movements. Then add your favorite music and effects. The ONE X app is an editing room in your pocket. Support for both iOS and Android devices.

Bullet Time
Be at the heart of the action.
Slow-mo Bullet Time shots turn heads like nothing else. The ONE X pulls it off in stunning 3K @ 100fps and with a full 360° field of view.

GPS Smart Remote
Track your trek.
Control your ONE X. Record GPS data. Track your journey with on-screen stats like speed, altitude and direction. Then, put your expeditions on the map with one-touch upload to Google Street View.

Venture Case
Rough and ready.
Great for above-surface water sports like surfing, kayaking and
jet skiing, as well as enhanced everyday protection.

Dive Case
Go deeper.
Great for scuba diving and other underwater uses.

Removable battery
Ready for the long haul.
Swap out on the fly and charge up fast with the Dual Battery Charging Dock.

WiFi Preview & Transfer
Shoot and transfer in a snap.

Outer simplicity. Inner refinement.
794 individual components, one game-changing camera. The ONE X is precision-crafted for durability, impact-resistance and temperature regulation — all in a featherlight 3.2-ounce body.

Sleek and seamless.

An ultra-thin 28mm body doesn't just look good. It keeps the ONE X's dual lenses close together for an immaculate stitch. Insta360 One X. interfaccia fotocamera: Micro-USB, Colore del prodotto: Nero, Tipo di lente: Ultra grandangolare. Tipologia HD: 4K Ultra HD, Risoluzione massima video: 5760 x 2880 Pixel, Frequenza massima dei fotogrammi: 100 fps. Risoluzione massima immagine: 6080 x 3040 Pixel, Formati immagini supportati: JPEG,RAW. Tipi schede di memoria: MicroSD (TransFlash), Memoria espandibile fino a: 128 GB. Alimentazione: Batteria, Capacità della batteria: 1200 mAh, Voltaggio di ingresso: 5 V
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