Metallica. Quebec Magnetic

Interpreti: Metallica
Anno: 2012
Supporto: Blu-ray
  • Produzione: Universal Music, 2012
  • Distribuzione: Universal Music
  • Durata: 135 min
  • Lingua audio: (DTS 5.1 HD) - (DTS 2.0 HD) - (PCM stereo)
  • Formato schermo: Widescreen
  • Area B
Tracklist: That Was Just Your Life; The End Of The Line; The Four Horsemen; The Shortest Straw; One; Broken, Beat & Scarred; My Apocalypse; Sad But True; Welcome Home (Sanitarium); The Judas Kiss; The Day That Never Comes; Master of Puppets; Battery; Nothing Else Matters; Enter Sandman; Killing Time; Whiplash; Seek & Destroy. Bonus songs: For Whom the Bell Tolls; Holier Than Thou; Cyanide; Turn the Page; All Nightmare Long; Damage, Inc.; Breadfan; Phantom Lord.