Neal Morse. Morsefest! 2014

Interpreti: Neal Morse
Anno: 2015
Supporto: Blu-ray
Numero dischi: 2
  • Produzione: Metal Blade, 2015
  • Distribuzione: Audioglobe
  • Area B
Esibizione registrata a Nashville nel 2014, durante due concerti realizzati con una band composta da Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater, Transatlantic etc..) alla batteria, Randy George al basso, Eric Gillette alla chitarra, Bill Hubauer alle tastiere, un coro di sei voci femminili ed un' orchestra con violini, sezione fiati e percussioni. Morsefest 2014 Night 1 Testimony Live plus Encores: The Land of Beginning Again; Overture No. 1; California Nights; Colder in the Sun; Sleeping Jesus; Interlude; The Prince of the Power of the Air; The Promise; Wasted Life; Overture No. 2; Break of Day; Power in the Air; Somber Days; Long Story; It's All I Can Do; Transformation; Ready to Try; Sing it High; Mike Speaks; Moving in my Heart; I Am Willing; In the Middle; The Storm Before the Calm; Oh, to Feel Him; God's Theme; Overture No. 3; Rejoice; Oh Lord My God; God's Theme 2; The Land of Beginning Again; Jayda's Story; Jayda; Time Has Come; Jesus' Blood. Morsefest 2014 Night 2 One Live plus Encores: The Creation; The Man's Gone; Nothing To Believe; Author Of Confusion; The Separated Man; Cradle to the Grave; Help Me/Spirit and the Flesh; King Jesus; Father Of Forgiveness; Reunion; It's For You; Wind At My Back; The Light (featuring Alan Morse); Stranger In Your Soul. plus special Documentary "The Morsefest Experience".