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Documentario realizzato in occasione del quarantesimo anniversario del viaggio in India di Donovan con i Beatles: tantissime riprese e apparizioni TV degli anni 60, un raro archivio di immagini, riprese backstage, tutte le hit e cinque brani inediti. Con la partecipazione di Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, Mickie Most, Rick Rubin, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Franco Zeffirelli, David Lynch e molte altre celebrità. DVD1, The Film, tracklist: Chapters 1 - 5: Intro; Childhood; Early Influences; Starting to Write Music; Gypsy Dave Chapters 6 - 10 Beat Poets; St. Ives; Going Professional; Breakthrough; Catch the Wind Chapters 11 - 15 Dylan vs. Donovan; Newsreel; First Live Performance; Pop & Protest; Newport Festival Chapters 16 - 20 Pete Seeger & Derroll Adams; Sunshine Superman; Drugbust; Mellow Yellow; Popart & Fashion Chapters 21 - 25 Wear Your Love Like Heaven; Romantic Poet; Free Love; With The Beatles in India; Hurdy Gurdy Man Chapters 26 - 30 Happiness Runs; Guitar Maker; Barabajagal; Atlantis; Hollywood Chapters 31 - 35 Isle of Wight; Open Road; Breakdown; Meeting the Muse; Desert Days Chapters 36 - 40 Music for the Big Screen; Touring in the '70s; Falling Apart; Coming Home to Ireland; The Sutras Experience Chapters 41 - 45 Spirituality and India; With the Eyes of a Child; A Surprise Visito New Collaborations; Birthday Bash Chapters 46 - 48 On the Road Again; End Credits; David Lynch. DVD2, Bonus Footage, Tracklist: Extended Versions: Danny Ferrington Guitar Maker; Desert Days: Joshua Tree & Gram Parsons; The Story of Lalena; Interview John Cameron; Cosmic Wheels in Joshua Tree; Universal Soldier; Isle of Islay TV Appearances: Catch the Wind (A Go Go /1965); Sunny Goodge Street, Sweden (1966); Give it All Up (Jules Holland/1996) Music Videos: Sunshine Superman; Wear Your Love Like Heaven; Hurdy Gurdy Man; In an Old-Fashioned Picture Book; Yellow Star; Cosmic Wheels; Columbus Stockade Blues (Hans Theessink, Arlo Guthrie & Donovan) Unreleased Songs: Refugee of Love; The Olive Tree; I Don't Know (Short Version); Refugee of Love (Studio Version) Concerts: BBC Concert - Jennifer Juniper; BBC Concert - Mellow Yellow; Kodak Theater - There is a Mountain; Kodak Theater - Sunshine Superman; Kodak Theater - Colours; Kodak Theater - Jennifer Juniper; Season of the Witch - Superjam at the Cutting Room, New York (2008) The Private Donovan: Sapphographs (Song: Be Mine); Don's Basement; Donovan's Father Reads Poems; Maharishi Award; Doctor of Letters; Donovan University and David Lynch; Donovan's Family Album.
  • Produzione: Spv, 2008
  • Distribuzione: Audioglobe
  • Durata: 315 min
  • Formato Schermo: 1,77:1
  • Area2
  • Allegati: confezione speciale; booklet