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The Human Condition

Valentin Matcas

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The human condition is the print or manner in which you, human beings, and Humanity as a whole influence those around, the human environment, the entire world, and Life herself. Many human conditions that you leave behind come back to influence you just as well. Many times, you know it well, and many times, you do not. And it is very easy for me to write in these books how wonderful you should be while bringing your most favorable contribution to the world, but you have to interconnect with the world as best as you can, favorably and unfavorably, just the way those around constrain you, only to make it through, to fulfill your needs. And just the way you remain conscious of all environmental conditions influencing your own fulfillment and condition of life, in society, and in the world, you should remain conscious with all conditions that you leave behind you through your own life and behavior. Because just the way life copes with the environment throughout a continuous sacrifice as Science depicts it, this outside environment is always alive, it is part of life, it is made of life, and it has you in it just as well along with your loved ones and your entire contribution to the world. But if you give in and see your environment as a continuously challenging unfavorable condition since this is what Science depicts, then you might be tempted to engage in a win-lose relationship with the environment, unnecessarily. While the environment is alive, formed of not only nature, roads, and cities, but formed of the entire human society. And now, if you become a negative condition of the environmental by engaging in a win-lose relationship with the environment, the entire world has to cope with you exactly as Science teaches, you become an unfavorable condition in the world, and you do not stand a chance. Because you are only one, and they are an entire world. And many times, it feels indeed, as the entire world is against you. And when it happens, you have to look for answers everywhere in the environment and closer to home just as well, within your own human conditions, the conditions that you implement in the world yourself. And it is even more significantly when you implement these alongside others, in organized groups as mobs, armies, bands, hierarchies, brotherhoods, ideologies, and even jurisdictions.

Because life, the world, and the human society are very complex, swinging continuously with and against you, since your environment is filled with conditions, good, bad, favorable, unfavorable, natural, and fictitious, and it is meaningful to identify, predict, and control them all.

Throughout this book, we study the human condition along with all environmental conditions influencing the human existence, as the human condition of life, the human social condition, and the human higher condition. We identify all favorable and unfavorable existential elements, along with all their consequences in the human life, for a better fulfillment.

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