Lady Justice Is Blind Should History Be Blind Too?

Ash D. Solomon

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Editore: Ash D. Solomon
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Lady Justice Is Blind
Should History Be Blind Too?

Popular History Versus Truth. Determinism, Predetermined Happenings, And Do We Create Our Own Histories?

Historical events through time have had a strange ability in answering each other's questions, and the dynamics of events working in opposite directions have an even uncannier ability in cancelling each other's trails. Large jolts in history such as wars, revolutions and natural catastrophes nevertheless have had very little direct effect on human-societal evolution, but what do we know, when all we see is the current viewpoints of the victors?

Humankind doesn't choose circumstances in which to determine our own unique vantage points, but our choice of optimism, (or lack of), is in itself our only truth that superimpose our every twist and turn. We build our own histories, but in retrospect, we do not always build them as we saw the original canvas. We inherit from the past more than just the monetary and mistakes of others, but every by-product of actions, thoughts and energies subsequently left behind, filling the void from moment to moment.

The discontinuities of events and the scarcity of unbiased notetakers make it further rare to grasp the 'real' testimonies of our past. In any event there are victors/survivors and there are the fallen/forgotten. Whichever the motivation, geographical conquest, wartime defence or natural disaster, the non survivors usually do not have a voice to state or defend their side of the story.

As the grocery and hardware store went by the by to the steamroller effect of the usual giant duopolies of the marketplace, through history small spiritual and alchemical belief systems were also bulldozed by the Christian Mass, usually leaving no trace of legacy.

The collateral damage and remnants of such commercial and religious obliteration gets replaced with the notion of Progress, Victory and The Will Of The Scriptures, (Commerce and Religion), not to mention floods, earthquakes, ethnic cleansing genocide that pave the way for more excuses such as 'New Continuities'.

Views and Opinions from afar of the limitless of happenings and the ghosts of the remnants deserve new rocks to be upturned as The Law Is Blind, So Too Should History.

Changes in political systems, new governments replacing old governments, emperors replacing the older beheaded emperors, new philosophies replacing the old antiquated philosophies of the 'once were philosophers'. If any of these victors had half a conscience, then usually the narrative is told from a clever manipulation of the heart strings to amplify even further the victor's side of the story.

An example of this is The Vietnam War. Depictions of The Vietnam War are not of jubilant conquest but instead of the 'inner' journey of the anti-hero told through the eyes of a disillusioned Soldier. This self reflection is widely applauded regardless of the reality of the widely misguided and misinformed outcomes.

America's loss of The Vietnam War is interestingly told through narrative (in film) by America than any other country including Vietnam, only the storytelling is 'inner' rather than 'outer'. A clever and mature reinterpretation of history that otherwise would not let covering the truth have more voice than baring the soul and admitting one's mistakes.

History Is Blind, History isn't a subject to be taught, but to be explored by the self through to revisionism of what was once accepted as the only truth. We turn the new rocks, we see reinterpretations.

The victors of our present, are the future's silenced fallen. We open our eyes, and at the same time we remain blindfolded to bias for the big picture.

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