Ramones. End of The Century. The Story of the Ramones

Interpreti: The Ramones
Anno: 2005
Supporto: DVD
  • Produzione: Warner Music, 2016
  • Distribuzione: Warner Music Italy
  • Area 0
  • Contenuti: trailers; scene inedite in lingua originale; interviste
Un percorso attraverso la storia della band dagli esordi al CBGB di New York fino alla morte di Joey e Dee Dee Ramone e l'introduzione nella Rock 'N'Roll of fame del 2002. Tracklist: Blitzkrieg Bop; Sugar baby Love; No Fun; Psychotic Reaction; I'm eighteen; Down on the street; Looking for a kiss; Knife's edge; Judy is a punk; Nice to be with you; Venus; Blitzkrieg Bop; California Sun; I don't wanna go down to the basement ; Loudmouth; I don't wanna walk around with you; Today your love, tomorrow the world; Beat on the brat; Now I wanna sniff some glue; 53rd &3rd; Judy is a punk; Glad to see you go; He's gonna kill that girl; Now I wanna sniff some glue; I wanna be well; White riot; Shenna is a punk rocker; Teenage lobotomy; Chinese rocks; Heart of glass; Cretin hop; I wanna be sedated; Do you remember rock and roll radio; Rock'N' roll high school; Danny says; I want you around; KKK took my baby away; Warthog; Mama's boy; Blitzkrieg Bop; Psycho therapy; Funky man; I wanna live; Teenage lobotomy; Pinhead; Durango 95; Blitzkrieg Bop; Rock 'N' roll high school; Pinhead; Do you remember rock N roll radio; Commando.