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A compelling exploration of the fundamental issues of our age - security, defence, the war on terror and the environment - 'The Age of Insecurity' examines the precarious state of our world todayThe western world has enjoyed sixty years of relative peace, stability and overwhelming health and wealth. Yet, we live in an age of increasing insecurity - a sense that order is crumbling, the entitlement is under attack and that possession is slipping out of our grasp.In this fascinating book, Rupert Smith and Ilana Bet-El examine the defining characteristics of today's insecure world; the war on terror; climate change; the increasing speed of communications. They argue that our national and international institutions are not suited to dealing with the pervasive sense of insecurity that exists today, and must adapt in order to progress.Gripping and informative, 'The Age of Insecurity' is a hugely relevant and readable book.