Amorphis. Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes

Interpreti: Amorphis
Anno: 2010
Supporto: DVD
Numero dischi: 2
  • Produzione: Warner Music, 2016
  • Distribuzione: Warner Music Italy
  • Area 2
  • Contenuti: interviste; documentario: "Tales From The 20 Years"; video musicale: "Black Winter Day" - "My Kantele" - "Against Widows" - "Divinity" - "Alone" - "Evil Inside" - "House Of Sleep" - "The Smoke" - "Silent Waters" - "Silver Bride" - "From The Heaven Of My Heart" - 2My Kantele (Jyrki TV show, 1996)"
Contiene la registrazione dei concerti a a Oulu in Finlandia e durante il Summer Breeze Open Air fest del 2009 in Germania. Tracklist: DVD 1: Silver Bride; Sampo; Towards And Against; The Castaway; Smithereens / The Smoke; Majestic Beast; Alone; Silent Waters; Divinity; Elegy Medley (Against Widows / Cares / On Rich And Poor); From The Heaven Of My Heart; Sky Is Mine; Magic And Mayhem / Black Winter Day; Sign From The Northside; House Of Sleep; My Kantele. DVD 2: Leaves Scar; Towards And Against; From The Heaven Of My Heart; Against Widows; The Castaway; Sampo; Silver Bride; Alone; The Smoke; My Kantele; House Of Sleep; Magic And Mayhem.