Avengers 3 Infinity War - Gamora Artfx+ 22 Cm Statue Figure

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Marca: Kotobukiya
Mondi e personaggi: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • EAN: 0190526015814

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Anche Gamora arriva nella serie di statue ARTFX di Kotobukiya, direttamente dal film Avengers: Infinity War. La statua, in scala 1/10, mostra la famosa guerriera membro dei Guardiani della Galassia, in posa, pronta all'azione. DESCRIPTION The next character to join Kotobukiya’s lineup of ARTFX+ statues from the record breaking Avengers: Infinity War is the adopted daughter of the almighty villain Thanos, Gamora! After parting ways with her adopted father, Gamora must confront her complicated past with Thanos as she travels to the planet of Knowhere to take him down. One of the most fiersome warriors in the galaxy, Gamora lunges into battle with her blade “God Slayer” at the ready. The statue’s diorama base is designed to look good displayed along the other Kotobukiya Infinity War statues. Gamora is part of the ARTFX+ series, which brings popular characters to your collection as high quality 1/10 scale statues at an affordable price. These pre-painted PVC kits consist of snap-fit parts that are easy to assemble and display right out of the box! ...
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