Cannibal Corpse. Centuries Of Torment

Interpreti: Cannibal Corpse
Anno: 2008
Supporto: DVD
Numero dischi: 3
  • Produzione: Metal Blade, 2012
  • Distribuzione: Audioglobe
  • Durata: 420 min
  • Area 2
  • Allegati: confezione speciale
Contiene un documentario sulla carriera della band, una raccolta di brani live e una sezione bonus con interviste, copertine degli album, merchandise, tatuaggi, Metalocalypse, ed altro materiale. CANNIBAL CORPSE LIVE: With Full Force Fest 2007: Unleashing the Bloodthirsty; Murder Worship; Disposal of the Body. Toronto 2006: The Time to Kill is Now; Disfigured; Death Walking Terror; Covered With Sores; Born in a Casket; I Cum Blood; Decency Defied; Make Them Suffer; Dormant Bodies Bursting; Five Nails Through The Neck; Devoured By Vermin; Hammer Smashed Face; Stripped, Raped, and Strangled. Party San 2005: Puncture Wound Massacre; Sentenced to Burn; Fucked With a Knife; Psychotic Precision; Pulverized; Pounded Into Dust; The Wretched Spawn. New York 2000: The Spine Splitter; Dead Human Collection. Jacksonville, FL 1996: Mummified in Barbed Wire. Nashville, TN 1994: Entrails Ripped from a Virgin's Cunt; Pulverized. Buffalo, NY 1989: Shredded Humans; Rotting Head. Music Videos: Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead; Devoured By Vermin; Sentenced to Burn; Decency Defied; Make Them Suffer; Death Walking Terror; Stripped, Raped, and Strangled 2007.