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Tracklist: Bunky (Live @ Sxsw '05, Baba, Space Alien); Castanets (A Song Is Not The Song Of The World, Smallest Bones, Live @ Sxsw '07); Half-Handed Cloud (You Wouldn't Embarass Me Would You?; Tongues Possess The Earth Instead, Think/Dance Collective Performance); Liz Janes (Jesus Is A Dying Bed Maker, All The Pretty Horses); My Brightest Diamond (Freak Out!, Live @ Northsix, Dragonfly, Gone Away, Magic Rabbit); Rafter (Adventurers, Zzzpenchant, Gentlemen, Hope, Monsters, Encouragement); Shapes And Sizes (Teller/Seller, Jinker/That Fat Hand, Can't Stop That (Sinking) Feeling); Sufjan Stevens (Live @ Calvin College '07, Palm Sunday Tornado Hits Crystal Lake, The Undivided Self (For Eppie & Popo), The Vivian Girls..., Put The Lights On The Tree); The Curtains (Go Lucky, Spinning Top).

  • Produzione: Asthmatic Kitty, 2008
  • Distribuzione: Goodfellas
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