English for nurses and healthcare providers. Con CD Audio

Francesca Malaguti,Ilaria Parini,Rosalind Roberts

Editore: CEA
Anno edizione: 2006
In commercio dal: 01/01/2006
Tipo: Libro universitario
Pagine: 400 p.
  • EAN: 9788808180049

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Nurses and patients (The infinitive; Personal pronouns: subject; To be: simple present tense; Definite and indefinite articles; The plural; Personal pronouns: object)
The doctor (Adjectives; Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns; Possessive adjectives and pronouns; Simple present tense; Adverbs of frequency)
The hospital (To have: simple present tense; Prepositions of place; The possessive case)
The human body (Verbs with two complements; The imperative; Question words; Modal verbs: can, may)
The five senses (
ing form; Present continuous form; Prepositions of time; Modal verbs: could, might)
Food and diet (Countable and uncountable nouns; Indefinite adjectives and pronouns; Indefinite compounds; Other determiners)
Body systems/1 (Modal verbs: must, shall; Reflexive pronouns; Reciprocal pronouns; Reflexive verbs; Prepositios of movement)
Body systems/2 (Modal verbs: should, ought to; Simple past tense)
Body systems/3 (Past continuous tense; Comparatives; Superlatives)
Patient assessment (Present perfect tense; Present perfect continuous; Exclamative adjectives and pronouns)
Common illnesses (The future; Modal verbs: will)
Treatments (Past perfect tense; Past perfect continuous; Relative pronouns)
First aid (Modal verbs: would; Present conditional; Perfect conditional; Conditional sentences)
Pregnancy (The passive form; Reported speech)
Childbirth (Use of modal verbs in past tenses; Subordinate clauses; Verbs followed by
ing form or to + infinitive).