Fields of the Nephilim. Revelations, Forever Remain, Visionary Heads

Anno: 1998
Supporto: DVD
  • Produzione: Beggars Banquet, 1998
  • Distribuzione: Self Distribuzione
  • Durata: 190 min
  • Area 2
Tracklist: Preacher Man; Blue Water; Moonchild; Psychonaut; For Her Light; Sumerland; Electronic Press Kit; Endemoniada; Reanimator; Dust; Love Under Will; Trees Come Down; Moonchild; The Watchman; Last Exit For The Lost; Chord Of Souls; Preacher Man; Dawnrazor; The Sequel; Phobia; Laura; Intro (Dead But Dreaming); For Her Light; At The Gates Of Silent Memory (Paradise Regained); Blue Water; Sumerland; Submission; Chord Of Souls; Last Exit For The Lost; The Watchman; Psychonaut.