From the Krays to Drug Busts in the Caribbean

Ian Brown

Anno: 2017
Rilegatura: Paperback / softback
Pagine: 159 p.
Testo in English
Dimensioni: 234 x 156 mm
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Ian Brown spent almost thirty years in the police force, rising through the ranks to work on some of the best-known crimes of the twentieth century. From witnessing the brutality of the Kray twins to chasing the spoils from the Brink s-Mat gold bullion robbery, Brown was never too far away from someone's illicit deal or a hardened crook. Renowned for being one of the luckiest members of the Sweeney (Flyinq Squad), he foiled London s most dangerous armed robbers, had the ear of the Met s most prolific informants and helped put away murderers including the notorious killer Kenneth Noye. Commended for his bravery, Brown headed a drug squad in the Caribbean, where he became immersed in South American drug cartels and money laundering on an epic scale. He captured and destroyed the biggest haul of cocaine in Caribbean history, seized tons of cannabis and helped locate the whereabouts of America s Most Wanted. Written with honesty and disarming humour, Brown s personal experiences offer an insight into the real world of true crime.