Get The Most From Reading Your Bible, Achieving Spiritual Growth And Discovering Happiness

Tom Norman

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Get The Most From Reading Your Bible, Achieving Spiritual Growth And Discovering Happiness. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to get the most out of your bible reading to achieve spiritual growth and discover happiness.

Have you ever wondered where you can find happiness and answers to life’s biggest questions? Some try to seek them using all the modern apparatuses and gadgets, but you know what? They are all in the Holy Bible and The Author did not make it difficult for you to know things that you need. In fact, He equipped you with everything you can use to grow spiritually and live happily.

You can feel God’s love through reading His word. You can find inspiration from lives of men who remained faithful to Him and lessons from the lives of those who went astray from the path God provided. God asked Bible writers to record everything that happened during that time for the benefit of his people in the future.

What makes the Bible special and how can it change your life? These will be answered along with provided steps on how you can benefit personally from your Bible reading.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Why Should you Read the Bible
Assign a Specific Place for Bible Reading
Begin and End Every Session with Prayer
Ask Significant Questions
Meditate on What You Read
Allot Time for Personal and Group Study
Apply What You Have Learned
Recall Previous Details
Develop Anticipation
Things to Keep in Mind
Share What You Know
Much, much more!

Why Should you Read the Bible

Owning a Bible is not new to people no matter where they live. Saying that it is a best-seller is an understatement. It is distributed in over 2300 languages which makes it available to about 90% of the world’s population! You are not alone in seeking spiritual growth from the Bible. This is because it can touch hearts, change lives and enliven spirits.

Before you could have successful Bible reading sessions, you have to think of concrete reasons to do it with zeal. Find out the benefits you can get from reading the Bible. What makes this book stand out among others?

First, the Bible contains stories and passages written thousands of years ago, but the lessons are still applicable to people of modern times. Even if the Bible is inspired of God, it still contains records of events that happened to humans. Because of that, you could relate to what is written on it. It tells about King David who felt guilt, Samson who felt weak and betrayed, Saul who became blind and Mary and Martha who suffered the death of a loved one. Aren’t these the same emotions and events that you experienced nowadays? You can read about those accounts and gain the wisdom to deal with your situations that are somewhat similar.

Another reason for reading the Bible is it provides answers to life’s biggest questions. You will know what happens when people die (John 11:11), why people suffer from sin (Romans 5:12), how people will regain everlasting life (John 3:16), who God is and what His promise is for the future. Until now, the most brilliant people in the field of Science cannot explain the wonders of life and death or why Babylon cannot be inhabited no matter how many attempts. The reason why they fail to find the answers is because they try to search for them in historical books or a series of man-made experiments.

Some people may say that it is hard to believe in what the Bible says because it contradicts Science, but the truth is, the Bible has accounts of scientific facts before they were even discovered by men! Take a look at Isaiah 40:22; it says that the earth is round.

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