James Steuart

Editore: Liguori
Anno edizione: 2015
Pagine: 2 voll., CXXVIII-920 p. , Brossura
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James Steuart: the political economy of the “equal chance” – Gino Longhitano
James Steuart: a neglected inspirationfor an alternative economic theory – Jean Cartelier
James Steuart: an unorthodox monetary approach to exchange and the foreign balance – Ghislain Deleplace

VOL. I. References
Contents of the first volume

I. Of population and agriculture
II. Of trade and industry
III. Of money and coin part. I – The Principles of Money deduced, and applied to the Coin of Great Britain

VOL. II. A table of coins
Contents of the second volume

I. Of money and coin part. II - The Principles of Money applied to Trade
II. Of credit and debts part. I - Of the Interest of Money
III. Of credit and debts part. II - Of banks
IV. Of credit and debts part. III - Of exchange
V. Of credit and debts part. IV - Of public credit
VI. Of taxes, and of the proper application of their amount