Labour and social rights. An evolving scenario proceedings of the twelfth international conference in commemoration of Marco Biagi

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Abbreviazioni riviste. – Editorial. – Introductory Remarks. – Commemorating Marco Biagi – Ricordando Marco Biagi (G. Solinas). – The Solitude of the Reformers – La solitudine dei riformisti (P. Bianchi). – Part I: Values, interests and changes: towards a new regulatory paradigm in labour relations?. – Labour Law on the Edge: Neoliberal Decline or Regeneration? (R. Del Punta). – Re-Establishing the Link between Direction and Employment in Defining Organisations (A. Belcher). – The Evolution of Remuneration Systems Toward Personalized Reward (T. Torre). – Rhetoric and Practice in Changing Employment Relationships (G. Masino). – The Semaphore Versus the Truncheon. New “Energies” in Labour Regulation? (A. Kun). – The Flexicurity Agenda in Italy in Times of Uncertainty (C. Spinelli). – Part II: Labour relations and social justice: the issue of vulnerable employment. – Women and Social Justice. EU Choices with Respect to Social Protection (M.s Westerveld). – Challenging Perspectives on Work/Life Balance Issues in EU and Dutch Law (S. Burri). – The Quest for Equality and the Limits of Labour Law (J. Rojot). – Changing Values and Interests in a Weakening Social Scenario (L. Gálvez-Muñoz). – Constitutional Reflections on Social Protection for Vulnerable Workers and the Unemployed: Perspectives from India and South Africa (M. P. Olivier, A. Govindjee). – Hyper-Dependence and Hyper-Precarity in Migrant Work Relations (M. Zou). – Conclusive Remarks. – Whose Freedom to Contract and Provide Services? Collective Bargaining in a Globalized World (J. Bellace). – Notes on Contributors.