Mind Freeze - Vinile LP di Haunt

Mind Freeze

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Artisti: Haunt
Supporto: Vinile LP
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Etichetta: Megaforce
Data di pubblicazione: 10 gennaio 2020
  • EAN: 0020286229438
Vinyl Edition
Not ones to rest on their considerable laurels, Haunt returned less than a year after their debut album with an even-stronger second album, If Icarus Could Fly, also released by Shadow Kingdom. If Luminous Eyes was the definition of "rapturously received," then If Icarus Could Fly exceeded even those lofty expectations, with this bolstered Haunt lineup - which also includes guitarist John Tucker, bassist Taylor Hollman, and drummer Daniel "Wolfy" Wilson - truly proving themselves as not just a great ""new band,"" but a great band altogether. Like anything in the Haunt universe so far, Mind Freeze could be the next step onto something else - something grander, something greater, "something else"? - but they're making history with each and every move. So, live in the present and witness the ice-cold perfection of Haunt's Mind Freeze!
Disco 1
Light the Beacon
Hearts On Fire
Mind Freeze
Divide and Conquer
Saviors of Man
Fight of Flight
Have No Fear
On the Stage
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