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Nostradamus: The End of End Times

John Hogue

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2012 was the Lindsay Lohan of End Time dates.

I mean, look at which ditzy dooms-date went totally Hollywood drama queen, appearing in her own major motion picture?

2012 of course.

Did you bijou a flick called “Stop My Wheel of Dharma I Want to Get Off!” or “The Hopi Hangover—the Final Warning”?

Did CNN’s Entertainment Tonight have you “wolf”-blitzer down a high-heeled, silicone-heaving movie trailer of an end time epic called “The Flintstones Yabba Dabba Kali Yuga” or promote Leonardo DiCaprio in “Catch Me if You can Jupiter-Saturn Cycle”?

The purported end of the Mayan Calendar on 21 December 2012 had been marketed for over a quarter century as the most accurate date either pinpointing the end of the world or the dawn of a golden age. Moreover, many myths were created binding one of history’s most famous seers, Nostradamus, in all the wrong ways, with Mayan Prophecy. It turns out that very single 2012-themed book missed the one true and significant link that made him a better predictor of age-changing dates than the Mayans.

Three thousand books were published “before” the passing of Winter Solstice 2012, but only one author, the world-renowned prophet scholar John Hogue, purposely waited to publish his interpretations “after” the year 2012 had passed.

Read this last word on Mayan doomsday or “bloomsday” and first word on the many other significant and ongoing reboots of prophetic time cycles that a fawning paparazzi obsession with the Mayan Calender had overlooked and neglected.

Do not be lulled to complacency by 2012’s passing. The times ahead are filled with revolution, transformation and global peril. Rather than an end of time, 2012 marked "time's up" for dumb destiny.

Will STUPID thrive?

Find out scrolling through this highly original and often satirical exploration of End Time prophetic traditions, both ancient and modern.

Estimated printed pages: 204

“I have known John Hogue for fifteen years. Every year, he predicts on the program [Dreamland] and every year, he proves to be fireproof. He's accurate. Uncannily accurate.”

—Whitley Strieber, author of “Communion” and “The Coming Global Superstorm” with Art Bell

John Hogue is author of 600 articles and 40 published books (1,170,000 copies sold) spanning 20 languages. He has predicted the winner of every US Presidential Election since 1968, giving him a remarkable 12 and 0 batting average. Hogue is a world-renowned expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions. He claims to focus on interpreting the world’s ancient-to-modern prophets and prophecies with fresh eyes, seeking to connect readers with the shared and collective visions of terror, wonder and revelation about the future in a conversational narrative style. Hogue says the future is a temporal echo of actions initiated today. He strives to take readers “back to the present” empowering them to create a better destiny through accessing the untapped potentials of free will and meditation.

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