Compositore: George Gershwin
Direttore: Simon Rattle
Supporto: CD Audio
Numero dischi: 1
Etichetta: EMI Classics
Data di pubblicazione: 20 gennaio 2003
  • EAN: 0077775432527

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Disco 1
  • 1 Porgy and Bess (highlights): [Act I:] Introduction...Jasbo Brown Blues (Jasbo Brown, Chorus)
  • 2 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Summertime (Clara, Chorus)
  • 3 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Give him to me...A woman is a sometime thing...Here come de honey man (Jake, Mingo, Sporting Life, Chorus, Baby, Clara, Robbins, Peter, Lily, Maria)
  • 4 Porgy and Bess (highlights): My man's gone now (Serena, Chorus)
  • 5 Porgy and Bess (highlights): How de saucer stan' now, my sister? (Undertaker, Serena, Jake, Porgy)
  • 6 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Oh, the train is at the station (Bess, Chorus)
  • 7 Porgy and Bess (highlights): [Act II:] Oh, I'm agoin' out to the Blackfish banks...It take a long pull to get there (Jake, Chorus)
  • 8 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Mus' be you mens forgot about de picnic...Oh, I got plenty o' nuttin' (Annie, Jake, Clara, Porgy, Chorus, Serena, Maria)
  • 9 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Lissen there, what I tells you...I hates yo' struttin' style (Maria, Serena, Sporting Life)
  • 10 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Buzzard keep on flyin' over (Porgy, Chorus)
  • 11 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Honey, we sure goin' strutt our stuff today!...Bess, you is my woman now (Jake, Porgy, Bess)
  • 12 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Oh, I can't sit down (Chorus, Maria, Bess, Porgy)
  • 13 Porgy and Bess (highlights): It ain't necessarily so...Shame on all you sinners (Sporting Life, Chorus, Serena, Maria)
  • 14 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Oh, what you want wid Bess? (Bess, Crown)
  • 15 Porgy and Bess (highlights): A red-headed woman make a choo-choo jump its track (Crown, Chorus, Clara, Bess)
  • 16 Porgy and Bess (highlights): [Act III:] Listen: there's a boat dat's leavin' soon for New York (Sporting Life, Bess)
  • 17 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Dem white folks sure ain' put nuttin' over on this baby (Porgy, Lily)
  • 18 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Here Mingo, what's de matter wid you all? (Porgy)
  • 19 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Maria, Maria, where's Bess? (Porgy, Maria, Serena)
  • 20 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Bess is gone (Lily, Porgy, Serena, Mingo, Maria, Chorus)
  • 21 Porgy and Bess (highlights): Oh Lawd, I'm on my way (Porgy, Chorus)