Short Cycle Selling: Beating Your Competitors in the Sales Race

Jim Kasper

Anno: 2002
Rilegatura: Hardback
Pagine: 256 p.
Testo in English
Dimensioni: 234 x 160 mm
Peso: 558 gr.
  • EAN: 9780071388733
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This book contains strategies to shorten - and take charge of - each stage in the sales process. As a time-pressed sales professional, do you waste untold hours trying to identify, track, and time your sales cycles? "Short Cycle Selling" shows you how to reclaim those lost hours and dramatically improve your results by focusing on the only meaningful goal you should have for any stage in the sales cycle - to shorten it! The first book to present techniques proven in the heat of battle to measurably reduce the time spent from prospecting to close, "Short Cycle Selling" combines today's most powerful one-to-one selling and e-technology breakthroughs into one dynamic package. Use its proactive guidelines and techniques to: land more accounts; make faster closings; hit higher sales targets; achieve greater sales volume; and, generate greater income. Each month, articles in top industry publications from "Selling Power to Sales" and "Marketing Management" preach the profit-making benefits of short cycle selling. But only "Short Cycle Selling" provides the in-depth coverage you need to understand, direct, and shorten each step in the sales cycle - and make yourself a year-in, year-out top-five-percenter in production, performance, and personal income! 'Officers of Fortune 500 companies know that in today's competitive global markets, the sales cycle cannot afford to be prolonged. They have the foresight to know that tomorrow's sales cycles must be even shorter. The sales race winners of tomorrow will be the Short Cycle sellers...' - From Jim Kasper's "Short Cycle Selling". Top-level sales is a relentlessly competitive, dog-eat-dog world in which you'll find no awards for second place. "Short Cycle Selling" shows you how to get to the finish line first - and fastest - by eliminating aimless, undisciplined routines, applying time-based competitive concepts to your sales function, and focusing your every action on quickly achieving a successful close. Leading sales trainer Jim Kasper walks you point-by-point through the series of distinct steps that constitute the typical sales cycle, from identifying prospects to closing to generating referrals, and gives you the techniques and strategies you need to streamline and shorten the time spent on each. It helps you with: quickly getting the prospect's attention; letting customers tell you what to tell them; basing proposals on the buyer's behavior; disarming stallers; and, locking in an airtight close. "Short Cycle Selling" shows you how to handle each step in less time - and with greater impact - than your competition. Look to this hands-on book for: Compression Concepts - Proven results-based practices guaranteed to shorten each step in the process; A.R.E.B.A. - 5 steps toward setting that first appointment with the fewest possible telephone calls; Sales Race Rules - 25 concise, memorable rules for consistently shortening each sales cycle; S.A.F.E. Closing - How to first become comfortable asking for the close - then ask for it from every customer, without exception; and, Actual Case Studies - Sales pros from Farmer's Insurance, Kraft Foods, and other leading firms reveal their cycle-shortening secrets. Too many customers are allowed to control the sales process when, in truth, customers expect the salesperson to dictate the course of action. Let "Short Cycle Selling" provide you with a proven template for regaining control of each sale by controlling the time you spend on each sale, and quickly getting your customer's signature on the bottom line - before your competitors have even finished their morning coffee.