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Tamerlane: Sword of Islam, Conqueror of the World - Justin Marozzi - cover

Tamerlane: Sword of Islam, Conqueror of the World

Justin Marozzi

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Anno: 2005
Rilegatura: Paperback / softback
Pagine: 480 p.
Testo in English
Dimensioni: 198 x 129 mm
Peso: 320 gr.
  • EAN: 9780007116126
A powerful account of the life of Tamerlane the Great (1336-1405), the last master nomadic power, one of history's most extreme tyrants, and the subject of Marlowe's famous play. Marozzi travelled in the footsteps of the great Mogul Emperor of Samarkland to write this wonderful combination of history and travelogue. The name of the last great warlord conjures up images of mystery and romance: medieval warfare on desert plains; the clash of swords on snow-clad mountains; the charge of elephants across the steppes of Asia; the legendary opulence and cruelty of the illiterate, chess-playing nemesis of Asia. He ranks alongside Alexander as one of the world's great conquerors, yet the details of his life are scarcely known in the West. He was not born to a distinguished family, nor did he find his apprenticeship easy - at one point his mobile army consisted only of himself, his wife, seven companions and four horses - but his dominion grew with astonishing rapidity. In the last two decades of the fourteenth century and the beginning of the fifteenth, he blazed through Asia. Cities were razed to the ground, inhabitants tortured without mercy, sometimes enemies were buried alive - more commonly they were decapitated. On the ruins of Baghdad, Tamerlane had his princes erect a pyramid of 90,000 heads. During his lifetime he sought to foster a personal myth, exaggerating the difficulties of his youth, laying claim to supernatural powers and a connection to Genghis Khan. This myth was maintained after his death in legend, folklore, poetry, drama and even opera, nowhere more powerfully than in Marlowe's play - he is now as much a literary construct as a historical figure. Justin Marozzi follows in his path and evokes his legacy in telling the tale of this fabulously cruel, magnificent and romantic warrior.
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    Giornalista, storico e scrittore di viaggi inglese. Ha passato buona parte della sua vita professionale nel mondo musulmano, con lunghi incarichi in Iraq, Libia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egitto, Marocco, Tunisia, Siria, Libano e Somalia. È stato membro della Royal Geographical Society e Senior Research Fellow in Journalism and the Popular Understanding of History alla Buckingham University. Tra i suoi libri ricordiamo South from Barbary. Along the Slave Routes of the Libyan Sahara (2001), il bestseller Tamerlane. Sword of Islam, Conqueror of the World (2004) e The Man Who Invented History. Travels with Herodotus (2008). Con Baghdad. City of Peace, City of Blood (2014) ha vinto il Royal Society of Literature’s Ondaatje Prize. In Italia esce nel 2020 per Einaudi Imperi islamici. Approfondisci
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