Edoardo T. Brioschi

Editore: Vita e Pensiero
Anno edizione: 2006
Tipo: Libro tecnico professionale
Pagine: 188 p.
  • EAN: 9788834313633
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Total Business Communication represents the most extensive configuration of communication in the corporate environment. As such, it includes any other configuration of communication (referring to advertising, promotion, or integrated marketing communication). The premise for this concept is that any business elements, aspects or activities can influence the corporate identity and, consequently, the corporate image. Hence, the need for a governance of the corporate identity, which becomes the management of said elements, aspects and activities taken into consideration in their entirety (total business communication). This implies a global management of the business looked upon, from the standpoint of the identity it conveys.The approach following which the business in its wholeness (that is the corporate system) is managed on the basis of the proposal of a particular identity is defined as communication approach.