A-Z Guide to Boilerplate and Commercial Clauses

Mark Anderson, Victor Warner

Anno: 2017
Rilegatura: Mixed media product
Pagine: 744 p.
Testo in English
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Need help with contract clauses, but only got a few minutes? An alphabetical, quick-access guide to all you need to know: The purpose and effect of common clauses, explaining the relevance of each, with illustrative examples. Now covers: The meaning of: `Breach' `Substantial' and `material' in clauses for termination `Beyond reasonable control' in force majeure cases When a priority of terms clause will operate Whether rules applying to penalties also apply to deposits The legal effectiveness of `no amendment' or `no variation' clauses Legal frameworks and how the courts will view such clauses during a dispute New legislation such as the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 and the Trade Secrets Directive Also includes: A step-by-step commentary Examples of best practice in different situations Detailed notes on each type of boilerplate clause A summary of relevant law, including statutory definitions and case law Precedents available as electronic downloads