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Contiene due concerti completi del tour per la promozione di dell'album Evisceration Plague, registrati in USA ad Albuquerque ed Englewood. Tracklist: Evisceration Plague; Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains; Make Them Suffer; Death Walking Terror; Devoured By Vermin; Priests of Sodom; Scalding Hail; I Will Kill You; Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead; Hammer Smashed Face; Stripped, Raped, and Strangled. Bonus performance: The Cryptic Stench; Disfigured; Pit of Zombies; Pounded Into Dust; A Skull Full of Maggots; The Wretched Spawn. Extras - Behind the scenes footage: Code Words and Comedy; Eaten Back To Life on the Road; The Gas Chamber; Gifts of Gore; Metal Brothers; Peregrination; Prepare To Die; Rest For the Wicked; Savage Sobriquets; The Throne Room; Fan Photos.

  • Produzione: Metal Blade, 2014
  • Distribuzione: Audioglobe
  • Area2
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