Cream. Royal Albert Hall. 2,3,5,6 May 2005

Interpreti: Cream
Anno: 2005
Supporto: DVD
Numero dischi: 2
  • Produzione: Warner Music, 2016
  • Distribuzione: Warner Music Italy
  • Durata: 130 min
  • Area 0
Tracklist: I'm So Glad; Spoonful; Outside Woman Blues; Pressed Rat & Warthog; Sleepy Time Time; N.S.U.; Badge; Politician; Sweet Wine; Rollin' And Tumblin'; Stormy Monday; Deserted Cities Of The Heart; Born Under A Bad Sign; We're Going Wrong; Crossroads; White Room; Toad; Sunshine Of Your Love. Bonus Track: Sleepy Time Time (Alternate).