Genocide or ethnocide, 1933-2007. How to make, unmake, and remake law with words

Clavero Bartolomé

Editore: Giuffrè
Anno edizione: 2008
Tipo: Libro tecnico professionale
Pagine: VIII-268 p.
  • EAN: 9788814142772
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Introduction. Genocide or Ethnocide: Shoah, Maafa, Pachakuyuy, Porrajmos, and So Forth - I. Madrid, 1933: A New Kind of Serious Transgressions Arising from Terrorism - II. Washington, 1944: Two Original Names for One Old Offense, Genocide and Ethnocide - III. Paris, 1948: The Virtual Exclusivity of a Crime, Genocide as Mass Murder - IV. Geneva, After 1948: The Blind Spot of the United Nations Human Rights Bodies - V. Rome, 1998/ The Hague, 2002: The Missed Opportunity to Reassess the Description of a Crime among Crimes - VI. Before and After Genocide: Crimes with No Name save Ethnocide and Holocaust - VII. The Creation and Recreation of Words and Deeds (1. The Return Journey from Ethnocide through Democide; 2. Non-Murderous Policies as a Form of Genocide) - VIII. Crimes, Words, and Rights (1. Laying the Foundations: The Human Rights Declaration and the Genocide Convention; 2. Rights at Stake: From the Right to Life to the Right to Polity via the Right to Culture; 3. Responsibilities Pending: Historical Devastation and Present Reparation; 4. Behind Chutzpah: Indigenous Peoples and Practical Denial) - IX. Beyond Genocide? Away from Denial? - X. And So Forth and So Long? - POSTCRIPT: Indigenous Issues and Cultural Genocide - Appendix: Texts, 1947-2008.