Leaves and cigarettes: modelling the tobacco industry. With applications to Italy and Greece

Curatore: F. Ferretti
Editore: Franco Angeli
Anno edizione: 2006
Tipo: Libro universitario
Pagine: 256 p.
  • EAN: 9788846471796
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A vast literature analysed the tobacco industry in the past. However, most of the previous studies dealt with final demand or crop production. Instead, there are only a few works that examined the whole tobacco industry in general, and the Italian and Greece in particular.This book aims to filling this gap: this contribution is even needed if we take into account that tobacco consumption is currently decreasing, but there is the possibility to grow tobacco for others purposes thanks to biotechnologies. In this context, quantitative models of the tobacco industry can be of great help for policy making.To achieve this aim, the book is organized in three parts, which describe three different quantitative approaches: an econometric modelling approach, a linear programming approach and an Input - Output approach.This book can be therefore of interest to both public policy makers, as well as academics and private investors, involved in the tobacco industry.

Part I. D. Fantazzini, F. Ferretti, Agricultural Modelling: An Econometric Approach
Econometric Methods: A Guideline to a Rich Menu
Review of Macro - founded Models
Review of Micro - founded Models
Review of Non-Structural (A-theoretical) Models
The Italian Tobacco Industry: Structural Aspects
The European Regulations: Past, Present and Future
An Empirical Analysis with Italian Tobacco Data
Part II. F. Arfini, M. Donati, D. Menozzi, Agricultural Modelling: A Positive Mathematical Programming Approach
Analysis of the CMO for Tobacco: from Reg. 2075/92 to the 2002 Review
Tobacco Production in Italy
A PMP farm model to evaluate the Tobacco CMO Reform
The Scenarios of the Tobacco CMO Reform tested by Fram Model
Impact of the Tobacco CMO Reform by Farm Model
The Impact Analysis of Tobacco CMO Reform by Regional Model
Occupational Considerations
Part III. K. Mattas, E. Loizou, S. Rozakis, V. Tzouvelekas, Agricultural Modelling: An Input - Output Approach
The Tobacco Sector Overview
Objectives of the Study and Tobacco COM Reform Scenarios
Applied Methodology and Data
Description of the Greek FADN Sample
Empirical Results
Summary and Main Conclusions