Richard Thompson, Nanci Griffith, Rodney Crowell. Mountain Stage. An evening...

Anno: 2005
Supporto: DVD
  • Produzione: Inakustik, 2008
  • Distribuzione: Egea Music
  • Area 0
Il DVD contiene le interpretazioni di Richard Thompson, Nanci Griffith, Rodney Crowell al programma televisivo Mountain Stage. Tracklist: Don't let A Thief Steal Your Heart Richard Thompson); My Daddy Is A Mummy (Richard Thompson); From Galway To Graceland (Richard Thompson); The Turning Of The Tide (Richard Thompson); Persuasion (Richard Thompson); Cooksferry Queen (Richard Thompson); Two For The Road (Nanci Griffith); Gulf Coast Highway (Nanci Griffith); Deadwood, South Dakota (Nanci Griffith); Flyer (Nanci Griffith); Traveling Thru That Part Of You (Nanci Griffith); Hard Life (Nanci Griffith); Rock Of My Soul (Rodney Crowell); I Wish It Would Rain (Rodney Crowell); Wandering Boy (Rodney Crowell); Telephone Road (Rodney Crowell); I Know Love Is All I Need (Rodney Crowell).