Oasis. Lord Don't Slow Me Down

Interpreti: Oasis
Anno: 2007
Supporto: Blu-ray
  • Produzione: Universal Music, 2008
  • Distribuzione: Universal Music
  • Durata: 195 min
  • Area B
Contiene il film documentario "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" e la registrazione del concerto al Manchester Stadium del 2 luglio 2005. Tracklist Live: Fuckin In The Bushes; Turn Up The Sun; Lyla; Cigarettes & Alcohol; The Importance of Being Idle; Little By Little; A Bell Will ring; Acquiesce; Songbird; Live Forever; Mucky Fingers; Wonderwall; Rock N Roll Star; The Meaning of Soul; Don't Look Back In Anger; My Generation.