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Tracklist: Elevation; Beautiful day; Until the end of the world; New Year's day; Out of control; Sunday bloody Sunday; Wake up dead man; Stuck in a moment you can't get out of; Kite; Angel of Harlem; Desire; Staring at the sun; All I want is you; Where the streets have no name; Pride (In the name of love); Bullet the blue sky; With or without you; One; Walk on; Mysterious ways; The unforgettable fire (Documentary).

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    25/09/2006 14:01:07

    Meraviglioso! Gli U2 nel loro ambiente naturale! Un concerto coinvolgente e suggestivo, la band migliore del mondo in un'occasione particolare. Da non perdere!

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    02/11/2005 09:26:04

    "A mole, digging in a hole, digging up my soul now going down" e' su questo ritornello di Elevation che vengo inquadrato con un primo piano...Fatto personale a parte giudico questo live straordinario, sta-emozionante Bono su "Out of Control" quando dice: "I want to thank Phillip Lynott for letting us open the show, we're a band from the north side of Dublin, we're called U2, this is our first single, we hope you like it!" e poi continua: "Big ideas I'm out of control...Oh, my my, Oh now, my oh my...There's some big ideas...Father, I need a lend of 500 pounds, because we're gonna go over to London and we're gonna score outselves a record deal and when we get our record deal we're not gonna stay in London, we're not gonna go to New York City , we're gonna stay and base our crew in Dublin!!! Cause these people, this is our tribe! But I still need a lend of 500 pounds...what do you say? My old man, 500 pounds I want to thank my old man for that 500 pounds! I want to thank Larry Mullen's father for 500 pounds! The Edge's mother and father for 500 pounds! Adam Clayton's family for 500 pounds! And by now you've probably all given us about 500 pounds each too so thank you" e aggiungo la strarippante versione di "sunday bloody sunday" dove a meta' dell'opera Bono opta x il seguente discorso: "Put your hands in the sky, put your hands in the air, If you're the praying kind Cause we're not going back there! No more, no more, no more, no more, no more, no Paratroops No petrol bomb No Saracens No UDA No IRA we're not going back there, we put our hands in the sky, we puts our hands in the air and we thank the brave men who made a brave choice. Wipe your tears away...who'll wipe your tears away? Three years after Omagh turn this song into a prayer...Compromise, not a dirty word,Breda, Sean, Julia, Gareth,Oran, Geraldine,Brenda Logue, Philomena Skelton, Gareth Conway, Brenda Devine, Lorraine Wilson, Samantha McFarland,Julia Hughes, Elizabeth Rush,Ricio Abad Ramos,Fernando Blasco Baselga,Esther Gibson..."

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  • Produzione: Island, 2005
  • Distribuzione: Universal Music
  • Durata: 132 min
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